• Advanced Ab Workout

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    I assume that your core muscles are already quite strong and you realise the importance of having a strong core which is why you’re keen to see some advanced core exercises. If not and if you’re a beginner then we recommend you check out my beginner ab exercises first and slowly build up your core muscles.

    In this video I will demonstrate two advanced abdominal exercises where you’ll be required to already have a fairly strong core to gain maximum benefit from these exercises.  


    Advanced Ab Workout


    Step By Step Guide:

    Leg raises on aerobic step:

    Gallant Fitness Stepper

    An aerobic step or equivalent would be ideal

    – For this exercise you’ll require an aerobic step or workout bench or something equivalent.

    – Lie down with your back flat on the bench and position yourself so your bottom is completely off the bench.

    – If the bench rubs against your lower back causing you pain then you can place a mat or towel over the bench to provide a cushion for your back.

    – Grip onto the bench with your hands above your head. This provides stability and also puts more focus on your abdominals.

    – Lift your legs up slowly until it reaches a 70-80 degree angle. Keeping your legs straight at all times.

    – Slowly lower your legs back down until your heel nearly touches the ground. The range of movement is much greater than if you was doing leg raises on the ground, you’ve also got the added weight of your hips and bum as this is not supported.

    – This exercise can take a lot of oxygen out of you so you want to be inhaling as your legs are being lowered and exhaling as your legs are going up.

    – Repeat this movement until you’ve reached your targeted reps.

    – You should aim to do 3 sets and around 10 reps per set starting off as this exercise is really intense. You can then gradually increase the number of reps or sets as you get comfortable and increase your core strength.


    Ab roller from standing:

    – For this exercise you’ll require an ab wheel.

    – From a standing position, with the ab wheel in the hands bend down until the ab wheel touches the floor.

    – Bend down by leaning forward without trying to bend your knees too much. Try to keep the ab wheel as close to your feet as possible.

    – Roll the ab wheel forward using your arms until your arms are fully stretched out. Try to not bend your knees whilst doing this.

    – Only your feet and the ab wheel should be touching the ground.

    – Roll the ab wheel back towards you in the same motion.

    – This exercise can put a lot of strain on your lower back, if this is the case work on your technique and strengthening your lower back before doing this exercise.

    – You should aim to do around 3-4 sets and around 5-10 reps per set when starting off.

    – Although the number of reps may seem low but this exercise is really intense and you’re muscles will still be working hard as 1 rep of this exercise will take longer than 1 rep of leg raises.

    If you’re struggling with either one of these exercises don’t be disheartened and see it as a challenge. The ab roller from standing would be difficult for most people even with a strong core, the only way to build up is to practice ab rolling on your knees as shown in my beginner ab exercises.