• Beginner Ab Workout

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    Having strong core muscles is absolutely vital for boxing, even if you don’t compete in boxing having strong core muscles is still something that you should work on, on a regular basis. 

    A lot of people often underestimate the importance of having strong core muscles and how much you actually use your core muscles for a lot of exercises.  For those exercises where the core muscles is a secondary working muscle group, having strong core muscles can help improve your overall lift, just in the same way that having strong triceps helps your overall bench press weight.

    In this video I will demonstrate two basic abdominal exercises which you can do from beginner level, even if you already have strong core muscles these exercises in the video are still effective as you can just increase the reps according to your strength.  See our advanced ab workout video for a more challenging ab workout.


    Beginner Ab Workout


    Step By Step Guide:

    Leg raises:

    – Lie down flat on your back with your hands relaxed by your side.

    – Lift your legs up slowly until it reaches around a 70-80 degree angle. Keeping your legs straight at all times.

    – Lower your legs slowly until your heel nearly touches the ground. This way you keep your core muscles contracted the whole time.

    – Repeat this movement until you’ve reached your targeted reps.

    – You should aim to do around 3-4 sets and around 10-15 reps per set starting off, then gradually increase the number of reps as you build your ab muscles.


    Ab roller:

    – Obviously this exercise would require you to own an ab wheel.

    – Start off on your knees whilst holding the ab wheel by your knees.

    – Roll the ab wheel forward by using your arms until you can’t extend no further.

    – The only part of your body that should be touching the ground is your knees and the ab wheel.

    – Roll the wheel back towards your knees and repeat until you’ve reached your targeted reps.

    – You should aim to do around the same amount of sets and reps as you would for the leg raises shown above and gradually increasing as you improve.

    – If rolling all the way forward on your knees is too difficult to start off with then roll as far forward as you can with your knees and feet touching the ground.

    I hope you can benefit from the exercises shown in my video, don’t forget to also work on building your oblique muscles. I’ve also created an oblique workout video so check that out so your obliques are not letting you down.