• Best Obliques Workout Without Weights

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    Having a good solid core is beneficial in many ways, too many people will work on building their abdominal muscles but neglect on working their obliques which is also part of your core. The ab muscles is more important than the obliques as it’s a larger muscle group but the obliques still shouldn’t be neglected.

    As you’re looking for ways to build your oblique muscles I can only assume your ab muscles are quite strong. However, if they’re not then you can see some beginner ab exercises or more advanced ones to implement into your workout alongside your oblique exercises.

    There are plenty of good obliques exercises, but I find that this exercise which I’ll be showing you in the video, is the best obliques workout and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t require any weights!


    Best Obliques Workout


    Step By Step Guide:

    Oblique raises on aerobic step:

    – For this exercise your legs will need to rest on an object (such as a chair, aerobic step, bench, etc) so it’s anywhere between 30cm – 45cm off the ground.

    – The higher off the ground your legs are the wider the range of motion making it more difficult.

    – Lay on your side so you’re putting all your weight on your forearm, your forearm should be in line with your shoulder.

    – Place both of your feet near the edge of the aerobic step (or equivalent object) with one foot on top of the other.

    – Make sure your legs and your body is pretty much straight.

    – Place your other hand you’re not using to balance with on your hip.

    – Bring your hips down slowly so it nearly touches the ground.

    – Push your hips back up as high up as you can go.

    – Repeat this movement until you’ve reached your set number of reps.

    – This exercise is more effective with a higher number of repetitions so you should aim for 2-3 sets and around 40-60 reps, based on your core strength.