• Skipping Jogging On The Spot

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    This exercise does require a good level of coordination so if you feel like you’re not up to scratch then I recommend you to start with my skipping for beginners video first. 

    Trying to get a good workout from skipping can be frustrating at first as you’ll find that you’re likely to keep tripping or hitting yourself with the rope.  Once you’ve built up confidence and can skip with more rhythm then jogging on the spot with the rope will give a good workout as it requires a lot more movement then just a basic two footed skip.

    If you’re already at the stage where you’re passed the “beginner” level at skipping and you’re ready to learn more workouts then this video will be ideal for you, as it’ll show you how to jog on the spot with a skipping rope.  If you are at this stage then I’ll assume you’ll already have a skipping rope, if not or if you fancy a new one then check out our top 5.


    Skipping Jogging On The Spot Video


    Step By Step Guide:

    Jogging on the spot:

    • Turn the rope using your wrists.
    • Balance on one foot with the other leg up just below your waist.
    • The leg up in the air should be bent so your knee forms a right angle.
    • When the rope passes your foot then jump up on the ball of that foot and land on the other foot that was up by your waist.
    • The foot that was on the ground should now be up by your waist.
    • Repeat these steps and gradually pick up speed.
    • Once you’re able to do it with speed it will look like you’re jogging on the spot with a skipping rope.