• Top 10 Best Boxing Gloves 2020

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    1) RDX Cow Hide Leather2) Venom Elite Boxing Gloves3) RDX Ego Boxing Gloves4) Twins Special Boxing Gloves5) Everlast Fighter
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    Average User Rating (4.4 / 5) (4.6 / 5) (4.6 / 5) (4.8 / 5) (3.8 / 5)
    UsePunch bag/Training/SparringPunch bag/Training/SparringPunch bag/Training/SparringPunch bag/Training/SparringPunch bag/Training/Sparring
    Glove MaterialCow hide leatherSkintex leather Maya hide leatherLeatherLeather
    Available Sizes10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz8,oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz8oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz
    Available ColoursBlack with White/RedBlack, Black/White, White/Black, White/White, Grey, Neo Pink, Black Matt, Neo Orange, Neo YellowBlue/White, Gold/White, Pink/White, Red/White, Green/WhiteBlack, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow, BrownBlue, Red, Black
    Thumb Lock (Secures thumb to prevent injury)YesYesYesYesYes
    Wrist Secure StrapVelcroElastic velcroVelcroVelcroVelcro
    Price**Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price**
    6) Everlast Pro Style7) Venom Challenger 2.08) Fairtex Muay Thai9) Everlast Protex 210) Adidas Performer ClimaCool
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    UsePunch bag/Training/SparringPunch bag/Training/SparringPunch bag/Training/SparringPunch bag/Training/SparringPunch bag/Training/Sparring
    Glove MaterialSynthetic leatherSynethic leatherLeatherSynethic leatherLeather
    Available Sizes10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz14oz, 16oz8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz
    Available ColoursBlue, Red, BlackBlack/White, Gold/Black, White/Black, Pink/WhiteBlack/White/Red, Blue, Pink, Red, Black, White, YellowBlack, Red, Black/GreyBlack/White
    Thumb Lock (Secures thumb to prevent injury)YesYesYesYesYes
    Wrist Secure StrapElastic velcroVelcroVelcroElastic velcroElastic velcro
    Price**Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price**

    A Guide To The Best Boxing Gloves

    Having a pair of the best boxing gloves for training is critical, therefore you must choose a pair that offers you both comfort and protection.  A lot of boxing gloves are now conveniently designed for all training purposes such as: Heavy bag training, sparring, pad work, speed ball and general training. 

    All of the boxing gloves shown above in our top 10 best boxing gloves comparison table are designed for all training purposes, they don’t excel in any particular area of training nor do they lack.  You can get boxing gloves specifically designed for heavy bag training or sparring but unless you’re training professionally this probably isn’t necessary.

    Just like with footwear boxing gloves will need replacing too.  How long they’ll will last you before it will need replacing really depends on how often you use it, what type of training you use it for and how well you look after them.  Intense heavy bag training will probably wear the gloves out the quickest.  The best heavy bag gloves for me were the Everlast Fighter boxing gloves as they fit around my hands really well and they’re also very durable.

    My training involved mainly hitting the heavy bag and pad work usually around 2-3 times a week.  These gloves will usually last me for at least a whole year before they started to wear out and need replacing.  However, this might be different for different people, as mentioned it really depends on the user.


    What Size To Buy?    

    When choosing what size gloves to buy, you have to take into account you’ll be wearing hand wraps at all times, therefore, this is going to fill the gloves out more. If you’re unsure how to wrap your hands then check out our video on how to wrap your hands for boxing.

    As you’ll see from the video, men should be using hand wraps that are 4.5 metres long to give your hands and wrists enough protection. So if you don’t already have pair then check out our best hand wraps.

    Some boxing glove size guides from certain manufacturers will advise you to wear smaller gloves if you were below a certain weight, for example Everlast’s size chart states anyone weighing up to 10 stones (64kg) can wear gloves as light as 8oz, but we disagree with this as this offers your hands and wrists very little protection.

    Mayweather Heavy Bag

    Floyd Mayweather hitting the heavy bag, although we can’t see the weight of the gloves, we can see they are big gloves and must be at least 16oz.

    The table will show men’s and junior boxing gloves, as some of the gloves are available in 6oz & 8oz which may be suitable for juniors, depending on their size. 

    We’ve put together our own size guide:

    10 stones (64kg) or less – 12 or 14oz

    10 stones(64kg) – 12 stones (76.8kg) – 14 or 16oz

    12 stones (76.8kg) or more – 16oz or more

    You should never spar with anything less than 16oz, you can get away with 14oz gloves only if you’re smaller (less than 9 stones), the idea of using heavier gloves for sparring is so you don’t inflict as much damage on your opponent as sparring is meant to be a learning process to prepare you for a real boxing match.

    The size guide for women is a bit different but still based on the same principles, check out our best women’s boxing gloves.


    How To Choose The Best Boxing Gloves

    Before you stick on a pair of boxing gloves, you should learn about the features first as this can determine what gloves will be more suited to your style and preference. 

    Use – As already mentioned above, the boxing gloves shown in the table are designed for all types of boxing training purposes.

    Glove material – The outer material of the glove is usually made from some type of leather, if it’s made from a cheap type of leather such as synthetic then the glove tends to not last as long because it’s not actually made from any leather, cheap material will be used to give it a leather like finish.

    If you want gloves that’ll last you longer then invest in a pair of gloves with higher quality leather, you’ll probably also notice a better connection when you’re hitting the heavy bag or pads.

    Thumb lock – If the boxing gloves has thumb lock, the thumb part of the glove is attached to the glove so your Everlast Fighter Thumb Lockthumb can’t move freely. The purpose of the thumb lock is so your thumb is locked in the correct position which prevents you from punching incorrectly.

    Wrist strap secure – This is used to tighten the glove, most gloves are tightened by velcro as this is the most convenient way.

    The boxing training gloves in the table are either tightened by velcro or elastic velcro.  Elastic velcro doesn’t tend to be as secure as normal velcro as the velcro strip tends to be smaller and the elastic tends to wear out over time.


    Our Top 5 Best Boxing Training Gloves Reviews

    1) RDX Elite Boxing Gloves

    • Made from full grain cowhide leather.
    • Maximum shock absorption as the knuckle area is layered with shell shock gel.
    • Improved Velcro closure to give a more comfortable fit and wrist support.
    • Nylon mesh palm enables sweat and moisture to escape which keeps the inside more odour free.
    • Padded grip hose helps with punching with the correct technique.

    Get stuck in the action with these boxing gloves for beginners and above.  The thick padding on this glove will ensure longer usage and greater protection for your hands.  In addition, because of the protection it offers, these are perhaps one of the best heavy bag gloves. 


    2) Venom Elite Boxing Gloves

    • Designed to last longer with its premium skintex leather construction.
    • Maximum absorption from the triple density foam and reinforced palm which reduces impact injury.
    • Mesh panel placed under the fist which helps with ventilation.
    • Suitable for beginners right through to advanced boxers.
    • Made in Thailand.

    Punch your way into shape with these high quality boxing gloves made by Venom.  Unlike cheaper gloves, the skintex leather will ensure these gloves will endure plenty of intense workouts before you consider replacing them.  Made in Thailand where Muay Thai originates from, so they’re bound to know what they’re doing!


    3) RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

    • Hand stitched Maya hide leather construction increases the durability.
    • Exclusive Quadro dome technology helps to equally disperse force across the area of impact.
    • Air ventilation on the palm of the gloves for better breathability.
    • Inner grip hose enables you to improve your grip which will in turn help your punching technique.
    • Extra long velcro strap provided greater wrist support.

    Another great beginner boxing gloves designed by RDX, not only because of the user friendly design but also because of the affordable cost.  For anyone who’s looking to start boxing training for just fitness these gloves would be ideal.


    4) Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

    • Made from 100% genuine leather to improve the toughness.
    • Tight fit design for a more secure fit.
    • Supportive velcro wrist strap.
    • Plenty of colour choices.
    • Handmade in Thailand.

    Another high quality pair of boxing/Thai boxing gloves handmade in Thailand.  Gain extra protection when hitting the heavy bag or sparring with the extra padding provided, which lives up to its reputation of having long lasting durability.  Since the design is quite a tight fit, perhaps these gloves are more suitable for those with small to medium sized hands.


    5) Everlast Fighter Leather Boxing Training Gloves

    • Made from 100% leather to greater durability.
    • Has air holes on the palm of the gloves for ventilation.
    • Non-elasticated velcro strap.
    • Offers more flexibility for hand movement.

    A great all-rounder, ideal for beginners with little training experience.  These gloves tend to come up quite small, so if you usually wear 12oz gloves you’ll probably need to buy 14oz.  Although the velcro strap is not elasticated, this is preferable in my opinion.  The elastic usually wears out after a while if you stretch it too much, therefore, once the elastic is worn out, you’re no longer able to strap it up as tight.



    Depending on how often and for what training activities you’re going to be using them for, choosing one of the higher rated gloves from our table will be a safer bet.  However, we understand if you just want to test out a pair and don’t want to splash out loads of money in case you’ll only use them half a dozen times.  In that case, the best budget boxing gloves would be the Everlast Pro Style Gloves.

    These gloves are relatively cheap and perfect for beginners who would want a half decent pair of gloves.  Non-experienced boxers probably won’t notice much difference between using these and a higher quality pair.  Nonetheless, it does more than enough and is durable enough to last you through some heavy sessions.