• Top 5 Best Skipping Ropes

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    1) RDX Skipping Rope2) RDX Adjustable Skipping Rope3) Beast Gear Speed Rope4) Reebok Premium Speed Rope 5) Ampro Speed Rope
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    Rope MaterialWire cableSteel cableSteel cableSteel cableVinyl
    Rope Length (Not Including Handles)10ft10ft9ft10ft10ft
    Tools Required To Shorten RopeWire/cable cuttersWire/cable cuttersWire/cable cuttersWire/cable cuttersScissors
    Handle MaterialPolymerAluminumPlasticStainless steel with textured gripPlastic
    Contents- RDX Skipping Rope- RDX Adjustable Skipping Rope- Beast Gear Speed Rope
    - Carry pouch
    - Reebok Premium Speed Rope - Ampro speed skipping rope
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    A Guide To The Best Skipping Ropes

    A skipping rope is one of the most useful training equipment, you don’t have to be a boxer to use one. Skipping rope training aka jump rope training is beneficial for you whether it’s for just general fitness or boxing training.  No wonder why it’s one of the best ways to improve your boxing footwork.

    There are many sports where the training regime will require some level of training involving a skipping rope as there are many benefits as listed below. For sports such as boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, etc skipping is one of the main workouts as part of the athletes training programme.

    If you’re a beginner it can be frustrating, but using a cable jump rope can help you learn easier. Cable ropes turn a lot smoother than ordinary jump ropes and also rarely ever tangle so the rope is less likely to hit your feet or a part of your body.  You may also find it easier to skip in boxing boots rather than normal gym trainers.


    How To Choose The Best Skipping Rope

    As skipping plays such a vital role in the development of an athlete, despite this piece of equipment being cheap, it’s still important you choose a good skipping rope.  If you’re completely new to this then we’ve created a skipping video for beginners with a step by step guide to get you started.

    Below is a list of factors in bear in mind so you can find the right jump rope.

    Rope material – Wire cable is not your typical old school rope material but it is durable and has the ability not to tangle causing frustration.  Wire cable is better for beginners but if you want to skip old school style like professional boxers then vinyl material would be better.

    Rope length – If you’re tall then you’ll need to make sure you buy a jump rope long enough, if you’re short then you can just cut the rope so it’s the correct length.

    A 10ft rope would be suitable for anyone between 6ft – 6ft 6.  Anyone shorter can buy a 9 or 10ft rope and just cut it according to your height.

    Adjustable – Adjustable skipping ropes will allow you to cut the rope to tailor it to your height.  This is a must if you’re quite short as even a 9ft rope might be too long and it’ll just cause you frustration. 

    To get the correct length of the rope, step on the middle of the rope with both feet, pull the handles up and it should come up to around your armpits.

    Tools required – If you decide to choose a rope made of wire cable then you won’t be able to cut the rope with scissors, you will need wire or cable cutters.


    Skipping Rope Benefits:

    Footwork – As with boxing, many other sports also require really good footwork or at least it’ll give you an advantage by having good footwork. Skipping will give you the ability to be quicker and more agile with your feet, it’ll also help improve your balance.

    Cardio – On average skipping burns more calories than running, it’s also a more enjoyable way of doing cardio for a lot of people. You can tailor the type of workout to make it more intense to improve your cardio.

    Tones muscles – You will use a lot of muscles during a skipping workout. As skipping is a cardio workout, you will tone up the muscles involved. The main muscles used are: Calves, forearms, shoulders and abs.

    Mayweather Jump Rope

    Skipping is a low impact exercise, so it won’t put too much pressure on your joints

    Low impact – Skipping actually puts less pressure on your body and joints than exercises such as outdoor running. As you’re supposed to bounce on the balls of your feet this acts like a suspension for your body, which reduces the amount of pressure you put on your body and joints.

    You can still however develop shin splints from excessive skipping, especially if you’re a beginner. If this is the case you should stop skipping for at least two weeks and work on strengthening your calf muscles before skipping again.

    Portable – Fortunately a skipping rope can be taken pretty much anywhere as it doesn’t take up much room and it’s light. You also don’t require much space to work out.

    Cheap and easy to get started – A skipping rope is very cheap and good ones tend to last a very long time. Even if your rope breaks or gets damaged replacing it is a cheap solution.  A good cheap skipping rope to get you started if you’re a beginner would be the Supreme Workout.